The Company

LDV is a major manufacturer of light commercial vehicles producing the widest range of LCVs in Europe. Based in the West Midlands the company has over a century of automotive experience and offers a broad range of vehicles including vans, pick-ups and mini buses. Each model is available with a considerable degree of customisation. This product adaptability ensures LDV’s place as a major component of the distribution fleets of the Royal Mail, Transco and many other retail and utility companies through out the UK and Europe.

LDV - The Company

The Project

LDV is “committed to delivering best value in the light commercial vehicle market including in its parts and service business.” Sales, service and parts are managed through a network of specialist dealers, many of which are open 24/7. To continue to achieve its service objectives, LDV needed a parts portal that enabled each dealer to locate spare parts for a specific vehicle quickly, accurately and efficiently across the UK and European vehicle park. For success, it was necessary that the parts catalogue be capable of support by different operating software, have multi-lingual capability and be both simple to use and versatile.

The Solution

Epitomy’s solution was designed with Epitomy and LDV partner Multipart (formerly Lex Auto Logistics). A user friendly web-based catalogue was created that allowed the dealer to identify parts by navigating through the catalogue using a VIN number to filter information. Using a VIN number solved the problem of parts identification for the wide range of vehicle variations. The software package was customised using LDV branding and named VANfit. Other features included its super session and exchange alternatives, the interface with local stock control and ordering, the six language options available and the online user guide and help facility for dealers.

LDV - The Solution

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