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Choosing the right ecommerce solution for your products can be hard, especially when dealing in aftermarket parts sales and warranty provision. B2B and B2C systems require different levels of functionality and focus on different aspects of user interface design, but need to make use of the same product data. Efficiently publishing your product information to different consumers, platforms, and applications is a complex challenge.  At Epitomy we have the answer.

We specialise in product data management, aftersales marketing, and ecommerce solutions. Together, our solutions make it easy for you to increase the profitability and efficiency of your aftersales business processes and ensure that your customers can find the right part, first time, every time.

We provide both dedicated B2B sites and sites optimized for direct sales to consumers. The underlaying technology makes it easy to use the same data in both. Whether you need an online electronic parts catalogue, dealer information portal, mobile parts lookup system, or a general ecommerce platform, we can provide a solution that helps you take less time to sell more products.

Your product information is the most important component of these solutions. It lets us make it easier for users to navigate your site by using your images and illustrations - from part photographs to exploded diagrams - to create a graphical and intuitive user interface. It lets us present rich, contextualized, content to your dealers and customers to help them make the right decisions and drive up sales.

Efficient re-use of your product data enhances profitability by increasing sales and decreasing the cost of doing business with your supply chain, and our ecommerce solutions give you another way to do just that. 

Using product data including photographs and illustrations, we can present your parts and machines in a highly graphical and intuitive catalogue structure. Your customers and dealers can easily find the exact assembly or product they are looking for, significantly increasing conversion rates and the likelihood of repeat business by helping create a seamless and fluid ecommerce experience.

Catalogue navigation example.

Repurposing 2D and 3D data from design and engineering helps increase the return on investment from expensive CAD packages and technical publication suites. Using this data as part of the catalogue navigation structure allows easy visual identification of parts within an assembly, meaning your staff spend less time on the phone addressing easily answered queries and more time proactively selling or dealing with more complicated customer issues.

2D and 3D hotspotting examples.

When your customers aren't sure exactly what they are looking for, they can use our search options to find what they need - whether it's a part, finished good, or document. What's more, optional VIN/serial number lookup options let users view information and products specific to the exact machine they own.

General search and VIN lookup examples.

An intuitive ordering wizard, saved basket management and order progress tracking make it easy for your customers to place orders for parts, whole goods, and labour. Behind the scenes, shipping types, account payment methods, pricelists and discount matrixes can be easily managed to ensure that your products are presented at the right price to the right customer.

Our ecommerce solutions also store service information, technical documents, user manuals, warranty terms and health and safety information. Providing these documents online means you spend less time and money creating and updating physical publications, and makes it easier to comply with applicable legislation.

Online provision of warranty, return and product registration forms can vastly simplify the process of tracking registrations by dealers or end-users. Automated workflow and reporting functions mean that your staff have to spend less time dealing with claims, and provide meaningful business intelligence on sales and repairs - leading to increased efficiency.

Form example.

Our solutions can be easily styled and branded to fit your corporate identity. Providing product data and ecommerce functionality in a strongly branded site like this increases the visibility of OEM spare and replacement parts online, and helps - along with an intuitive user experience - to make ordering them more attractive than cheaper third party alternatives.

Branded site UI examples.

Starting with our work in the automotive sector with Lex Auto Logistics, LDV, and Dennis Eagle, Epitomy has developed a wealth of experience working with manufacturers and distributors of complex goods across a wide range of sectors. Our clients include manufacturers of groundscare and garden machinery, automotive components and commercial vehicles and we work with companies throughout the supply chain - logistics providers, first tier distributors, manufacturers and dealers.

Some of our clients.

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