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Epitomy provide a complete range of digital marketing solutions for the manufacturers and distributors of high value and complex capital goods. Our digital marketing services are specifically designed to help you engage with your customers, sell more stock and increase the profitability of your business.

We recognise the need of manufacturers and dealers to properly advertise their products, services, and special offers to maximise the opportunity of a potential purchase. Epitomy’s years of experience managing parts catalogues and product information for manufacturers of complex goods puts us in the perfect position to help fulfil this need.

Making sure that your message is reaching your customers can be difficult. Doing so efficiently can be even more so. With so much value available in your product, customer, and commercial data, there is a huge potential to enhance your digital marketing to potential and existing customers alike. Without an efficient means of leveraging these assets, this value remains locked away.

Domain expertise gained from more than ten years or providing Product Information Management solutions allows us to link product data from your PIM systems and customer data from your web stores, business systesms, and EPCs directly into our marketing services. We provide a unique digital Marketing service driven by integrated data and tailored to the complex goods industry.

Ensure that your customers, dealers, and other stakeholders are aware of your products, services, and brand values by accompanying your online service provision with focused digital marketing. Whether its email campaigns, promotional microsites, social media marketing, or advertisements within your web properties, we can help you leverage your product and commercial data to communicate more effectively.

Our digital marketing solutions can be utilised independently or integrated into a single holistic marketing solution. find out more about the individual components, and how they can help your business take less time to sell more product, below.

Leveraging email correctly can provide a powerful tool for increasing the visibility of your business and driving sales. Epitomy’s Email Marketing Services are optimised for the complex capital goods industry and are designed to promote your company, engage with new prospects and sell more stock

Epitomy’s experience in data management provides us with the expertise to analyse your customers and their associated buying data. By segmenting your email subscriber lists and targeting dealers with focused email campaigns relevant to them, we can ensure the maximum possible open and click-through rates for each campaign.

High quality visuals are essential to a good campaign. All of our emails are fully styled to match your company’s brand and feature the right offers or items to attract attention. Epitomy’s purpose built email marketing software allows us to track and report on the successes of each campaign and continually update designs or subject lines to maximise their effectiveness. These campaigns expose potential customers to your surplus stock or offers. They can also play a valuable role in a broader-ranging marketing effort that Epitomy offer, advertising and directing traffic to specialist stock-listing microsites that provide the maximum exposure for your products.

Email Marketing Example

Increasing the visibility of your aftersales parts or whole goods is an important part of driving business and increasing sales. In addition to our Email Marketing Services, Epitomy also develop dedicated stock-listing microsites as part of our complete digital marketing service.

Our microsites are entirely customisable to suit your requirements and provide a single fully-branded environment in which to advertise your stock. Epitomy provide a clear, up-to-date and accurate display for the items that you want to sell. By seamlessly integrating your product information into a layout designed to match your company or brand we are able to provide your customers with a truly customised shopping experience.

Epitomy’s core business is the management of product information. We can get the maximum benefit from your product data by providing you with the ability to use technical data for effective marketing purposes. Whatever your data looks like, our solutions can accommodate it and our experience ensures that we display the product information that customers want to see.

Epitomy’s digital marketing services offer significant SEO benefits. Our microsites can source product information directly from your aftersales PDM system and link to your EPC or other e-commerce platform. In addition to advertising your goods they help to establish links between your different web properties increasing your sites’ search engine performance. Increasing organic search traffic to your sites will ultimately lead to more sales and increased profitability.

By combining a microsite with our email marketing services we can provide you with the complete solution to advertising stock, driving traffic to your website or EPC and increasing sales.

Microsite Example

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