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Since its launch in 1997, Lattice Technology's award winning XVL file format has been providing companies worldwide with highly accurate 3D compression of CAD derived designs. XVL applications such as XVL Studio and Lattice3D Reporter allow for this highly compressed data to be reviewed, checked, annotated, simulated, animated and used to create a wide range of illustrations derived from the original source data.

XVL is the most lightweight 3D format in the industry, used by thousands of companies worldwide to facilitate rapid communication between technical staff, the production of complex goods and collaboration throughout the supply chain. The latest release, XVL v10, is a leap forward in lightweight 3D formats, offering compression of up to 99.5% of original CAD data size.

As Lattice’s sole UK reseller, Epitomy can help you experience the proven benefits of Lattice’s XVL technology. With XVL, 3D assets can play a much more effective role within day to day enterprise operations and can be quickly integrated with corporate IT systems to provide for the more rapid and accurate creation of products and their component parts.

Increase your business process efficiencies, lower your cost of business, and improve product quality in lean manufacturing operations all through the better utilisation of your company’s 3D assets. Read on to find out more…

An enterprise level solution for 3D visualisation and digital collaboration.

Extend the benefits of your 3D CAD data beyond the design department and into manufacturing, inspection, sales and support. Reusing your 3D models downstream increases the return on investment from expensive CAD licenses and increases the efficiency of business process at every step of a product’s lifecycle.

XVL is designed for collaboration, retaining the accuracy of the original 3D model at only a fraction of the file size. This means high-end CAD workstations are no longer necessary to experience the benefits that 3D models can provide.

Lattice’s XVL applications can integrate fully with your PLM, PDM or ERP systems and provide a range of tools for rapid automated processing of XVL files. This lets you fully control the flow of 3D data throughout your organisation and supply chain, quickly reacting to engineering or legislative changes.

An enterprise level solution for 3D visualisation and digital collaboration

Simplify the creation of 2D and 3D documents using your CAD data.

XVL Studio simplifies and streamlines your technical authoring processes. Using 3D design data you can quickly and easily help you create assembly instructions, maintenance and repair manualsas well asspare parts lists and sales and marketing collateral.

Exploded 2D diagrams and process steps can be automatically created and labelled using the tool set provided within XVL Studio and XVL WebMaster, or created or edited manually to meet specific company or industry standards.

As well as simplifying the creation of 2D documentation, XVL solutions also enable you to create fully interactive 3D documents. With easy to use keyframe animation tools animated work instructions can be quickly created for use by your manufacturing or service staff.

Documents can be published in standard everyday formats such as Microsoft Excel, HTML and PDF, or integrated into an existing PLM, ERP or existing document creation workflows.

Maintaining your documents is made just as easy by XVL Studio’s Auto Update Feature. Also design updates can be executed inside XVL Studio itself or within a PLM system using Lattice’s Integration tools. This ensures that downstream recipients always have up-to-date information to hand.

Validate your designs without ever needing to build physical models.

Many CAD systems offer tools for Digital Mockup (DMU) and prototyping, but these are often compromised by large native file sizes and the technical limitations of systems aimed primarily at design. Lattice’s XVL applications remove these barriers, enabling you to perform rapid accurate verification and validation of your designs.

Accurate interference, clearance and contact checks can be quickly undertaken within XVL Studio. Comprehensive yet simple to use kinematics and process authoring tools allow dynamic processes and real world use cases to be simulated and examined.

For example lightweight 3D models can be transferred back and forth between team members to perform design reviews and inspections. Accurate measurement and dimensioning tools as well as mark-ups, comments and annotations allow feedback to be easily communicated within the team.

By adding the capabilities of Lattice 3DReporter, reports can be quickly and automatically generated within Excel containing part lists, values, issues found, and 3D cross-sections. The use of 3D reports can help resolve issues quickly before they create more significant problems with downstream processes.

Validate your designs without ever needing to build physical models

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