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Giving Product Service Data Global Access

Web-based technologies create the benefit of global access. Linking web services to a central database can leverage enormous value from one just one data source. Epitomy Data Manager does just this. It creates a single view of the product or part - one consistent, accurate and easily updatable view reducing error and confusion regarding part ordering and supersessions. A windows application employing web services linked to a central database it enables remote users to have secure access to your highly technical and structured database putting product service data at your dealers’ fingertips.

Epitomy Data Manager provides product managers with an intuitive process for the structured linking and importing of product information into the part or product database. It enables a distributor network to find product service information quickly and easily over the Internet. Epitomy Data Manager is available as a stand alone product or as an integrated feature of Epitomy Publisher with both offering an intuitive, easy to use, 3D customised interface representing your brand and service values.

Epitomy Data Manager provides cost benefits by:

  • Increasing the frequency and accuracy of product data updates
  • Doing so at a fraction of the cost of paper or CD based manuals
  • Improving the speed of document and product data searching so increasing workshop efficiency
  • Offering real time update access ensuring the accuracy of information and reducing errors

Epitomy Data Manager improves service by:

  • Delivering accurate real time service data
  • Creating a customised but intuitive, easy to use and highly graphic interface
  • Representing your brand to your dealers in an online environment

Epitomy offers a complete data management solution from data structuring, database populating, customising and installing both the database and the interface as well as hosting and maintenance.

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