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Epitomy was founded in 2000, bringing to market a solution based around the systematic databasing of complex mechanical parts combined with online ordering and parts identification. This core solution was built using the latest Microsoft .NET technology, our close association with the Microsoft stack forming part of our original USP.

Our first major contract was an order tracking system and web portal for International Mining and Marine, a project that became the prototype for the product information management and parts cataloguing solutions that we now provide to our customers throughout the UK and worldwide.

Research identified that the automotive sector represented the single largest mechanical parts market, with the potential for aftermarket sales to account for up to 25% of a company's turnover and 50% of profit. Epitomy made initial advances into this market working with Unipart and RAC group members Multipart (now TVS Supply Chain Solutions) and Lex Auto Logistics. This soon grew to include other automotve and commercial vehicle companies, such as Triumph, Dennis Eagle, and LDV.

Working with these market-leading clients allowed us to develop the original versions of our Publisher Electronic Parts Catalogue (EPC) and PDM Lite data management application, which have since evolved into the foundation building blocks of the modular solutions we provide to customers to this day.

Over the years, we have expanded our initial automotive focus to encompass other industries where complex mechanical goods are provided to end users through a traditional tiered distribution network. Winning contracts with clients like E P Barrus, Hayter, Belle Engineering and others expanded our domain expertise into sectors from marine power and lawn and garden to light construction equipment, industrial engines, and more.

As part of our constant focus on enhancing the services and solutions we provide to our clients, we have developed a number of strategic partnerships throughout the years. In 2006 we became the UK representative of Tokyo and San Francisco based Lattice Technology, allowing us to provide our users with 3D data vizualisation within our solutions using the company's revolutionary XVL file format. More recently, we became a UK reseller for Tech Soft 3D and tetra4D's 3D PDF solutions, further strengthening our ability to provide a complete product information publishing solution.

Looking into the future, we strive to constantly provide innovative technical solutions to the product information management, ecommerce, data publishing, and 3D visualization needs of our clients. Working with us, they experience greater efficiency and profitability across a wide range of business areas - our solutions let them take less time to sell more product.

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