The Company

Hayter is the UK’s leading manufacturer of lawn care equipment. It is the premier brand in its industry having pioneered the very first rotary mower over 50 years ago. Like many market leaders, Hayter strives for business excellence in all areas of activity. Continued investment in technology and the streamlining of business processes are central to continued business success in both its manufacturing and aftermarket businesses.

Hayter - The Company

The Project

Hayter's legacy aftermarket system lacked full integration capability with the business’s ERP system. Hayter wanted a more efficient process that would enable manufacturing engineering data to be published directly as aftermarket parts and product support information. Additionally, a necessary feature was the ability of users to look up their Hayter machine by serial number so that the web-based catalogue would show the specific repertoire of parts for that machine. Finally, as a leading brand, Hayter wanted to represent that brand and its associated values appropriately in an online service environment.

The Solution

Epitomy customised its two core products Epitomy PDM and Epitomy EPC to meet Hayter’s brand, feature and integration requirements. Using Epitomy PDM Hayter’s complex aftermarket data was cleansed and structured appropriately. The development of some custom import scripts from Hayter’s CAD system and an import mechanism for all of Hayter’s legacy data ensured a complete database.
In addition, Epitomy’s developers wrote a number of custom extensions for IsoDraw maximising the graphic capability within the system. This PDM solution then facilitated the full automation of the technical publishing process. Epitomy EPC functionality was added to provided the order and transaction functionality plus the Hayter branded interface to complement Hayter’s existing corporate website.

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