dennis eagle

The Company

Dennis Eagle is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of refuse lorries (RCVs). The company’s mission is to provide its clients with a customised, comprehensive recycling solution which adheres to the highest quality and exceeds expectations in terms of performance, provision and cost. Given the variation in customised products offered, an accurate aftermarket parts and service support system is a vital component of the business’s success.

Dennis Eagle - The Company

The Project

With no legacy EPC, Dennis Eagle wanted a web-based cataloguing solution that would allow the manufacturing facility to communicate and deliver parts to its nine major service depots plus the service depots of major customers. Whilst providing an online parts catalogue, the solution had to run on the most elemental of PCs, operate in a minimum of three European languages, process CAD drawings into assembly illustrations and be intuitive to the end user.

Dennis Eagle - The Project

The Solution

Epitomy created a client branded aftermarket portal system for use in vehicle dealerships and parts distributors across Dennis Eagle’s European client base. All data relating to parts is linked, encrypted and stored in a single data repository enabling high resolution imagery, fast search routines and efficient translation referencing. In addition the solution features intuitive easy search and navigation plus model specific filtering to support the customised nature of these high specification vehicles. It provides parts cross referencing and interface with local stock control.

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