VIN/Serial Number Lookup

Advanced product data filtering

The Problem: Low Order Accuracy for Spare Parts

Selling spare and replacement parts online can be highly profitable - in many capital goods industries, part sales can account for as much as 25% of turnover but over 50% of profits.

Providing the right product data is vital to achieve these levels of profit. Without accurate product information, as many as 25% of part orders are inaccurate, leading to sales and service staff wasting time and money dealing with returns.

The Solution: Filter Catalogue Data using VIN or Serial Number

One of the most effective methods of making sure customers purchase the correct parts is by allowing them to filter your catalogue by using a unique identifier for the machine or model they own.

This could be a serial number, Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), Vehicle Registration Number (VRN) or any other identifier used in your industry.

By providing the ability for customers to search and filter your parts using one of these identifiers, you can make sure they only order parts and accessories that fit the particular products they own.

Features and Benefits

Advanced Search and Filtering: Streamline your customers’ ordering process and further increase order accuracy beyond guided or faceted search.

Quick and Accurate: Customers get instant real-time access to your rich product data and parts lists, filtered for the exact machine or model they own.

Tailored to your Sector: Use the identifiers commonly used by customers in your industry, for example VIN or VRN in automotive.

Industry Standards: We integrate with major industry data sources such as the DVLA, as well as your internal product registrations, to link product identifiers with your rich product data.

VIN/Serial Number Lookup

Feature Video

Epitomy Search Options

Brief overview of some of the search features in two of Epitomy's cloud solutions: Epitomy WebShowroom, a B2C parts lookup and ecommerce solution, and Epitomy Publisher, a B2B product information publishing platform. More details on VIN and serial number based search coming soon.