Powerful Search Options

Tools to help your customers find what they're looking for

In ecommerce sites and parts portals, as many as 30% of users will use your search box as their main way of interacting with the site. Offering as good an experience as possible helps increase sales, order accuracy, and customer retention, and find out what products your customers are interested in.

Intelligent search makes it easier for customers to explore your catalogue data and find parts or products that meet their needs. Offering search options in your ecommerce or parts site has major benefits, including:

Improved Sales: Your customers can easily find the right parts and add them to their basket. Using search autocomplete suggestions also lets you cross-sell or up-sell accessories more easily.

Improved Order Accuracy: Using your product data to supply search facets, filters, and ‘guided search’ tips you can make sure customers choose the right parts.

Increased Time on Site: Easier searching means less frustrated customers, meaning they stay on your site longer and return more frequently

Better Analytics: Find out what customers are looking for and what they’re having trouble finding, letting you improve their user experience and capture lost sales.

Powerful Search Options

Feature Video

Epitomy Search Options

Brief overview of the search features in two of Epitomy's cloud solutions: Epitomy WebShowroom, a B2C parts lookup and ecommerce solution, and Epitomy Publisher, a B2B product information publishing platform.