Faceted Search and Filtering

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Over 70% of ecommerce site visitors will leave after 2 minutes if they can’t immediately find what they’re looking for.

In the aftermarket, the sheer weight of product data available can make it difficult for even expert users, like dealers or engineers, to find the right part.

You can avoid this by providing features that make it easier for them to navigate your data, increasing conversion rates and decreasing bounce rates.

Filters and faceted navigation are two related ways of making it easier for users to navigate large or complex datasets.

Search Filters: A way of making large data sets more manageable by excluding any items that don’t fit one or more selected criteria. Filtering data means that both search and navigation return more meaningful results by ensuring that only relevant items are returned.

Guided Search: A structured way of filtering through the levels of a catalogue hierarchy in order to restrict search results to only the relevant models, series, ranges or groups. Augments product data with descriptive information to help customers pick the right option.

Faceted Search: A structure for describing a dataset using a series of filters, usually based on technical attributes and product schemas. Faceted search gives users maximum flexibility in navigating a dataset by allowing them to restrict the items returned using a combination of filters, while also helping define the dataset.

In an ecommerce site or parts portal, providing filters and faceted search increases conversion rates and user satisfaction by making it easier for customers to find what they’re looking for in your parts or whole goods catalogue.

Filtering and facets can complement VIN and Serial Number lookup for when one of these unique identifiers is unknown or not available, or by providing a more general way to identify products – particularly for whole goods.

With Epitomy’s solutions, creating and maintaining facets and filters is as easy as maintaining your standard catalogue structure. By using your rich product and technical data combined with our experience in multiple industries, our systems handle the hard work for you.

Faceted Search and Filtering

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Epitomy Search Options

Brief overview of some of the search features in two of Epitomy's cloud solutions: Epitomy WebShowroom, a B2C parts lookup and ecommerce solution, and Epitomy Publisher, a B2B product information publishing platform. More details on faceted search and filtering coming soon.